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Dra Johanna budwigThe world wide known Dr. Budwig,  (born in 1908 and deceased in 2003), was a Doctor first in Chemistry and Physics, and after became Bachelor of Science in Medicine, and further on studied Naturopathy. She worked for the Buldensaltat für Ferforschung (Federal Institute for Fat Research).
She has been described as “the main authority in the field of fats and oils of her time”. She was the first one to classify fats according to their composition, discovering the powerful curative nature of fatty acids essential in all kinds of degenerative illnesses, including cancer.

She wrote numerous books and treats where she reflected the results over the critic importance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the toxic effects of trans hydrogenated and saturated fats in health. She based her studies in these fields and reached her main conclusions on the electrochemical disequilibrium that changes healthy cells into cancerous cells.

She treated 2.200 patients with her diets and over 90% defeated cancer and many others, cardiovascular and bone illnesses.
She was seven times nominated to the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her development in the research of polyunsaturated fatty acids and specially, Omega 3.

Dr.Raymond Hilu, was her sole disciple and collaborator. He worked together with Dr. Budwig in her laboratories in Germany, and become her intellectual heir, being nowadays by her direct will, the owner of her manuscripts and reproduction rights of her works.