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Dr Raymond HiluRaymond Hilu, Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, Specialized in Cellular Medicine, has been qualified in several fields related to health:  Nutrition in England, embrionary implants and stem cells in Vienna, Microscopy in California and Holland.

He was the sole scientific- collaborator trained by Dr. Johanna Budwig, who was 7 times nominated to the Nobel Prize of Medicine, for his work and contribution to the investigation made on fatty acids (she was the one who initiated the classification program of fatty acids, both in olive oil and other kind of food).

After Dr. Budwig died, Dr. Raymond Hilu, her sole intellectual heir, continued developing and widening the investigation started by Dra. Budwig. He was since that moment, the maximum reference at world level concerning fatty acids. Apart from obtaining different prizes in this field, he trained several doctors and researchers in the scope of fat use in Mediterranean Diet.

He is the medical director of LABORATORIES HILU-BUDWIG SL and LABORATORIES RAYROS SL, where he continues developing his research works on the fields of oils, health, and natural and orthomolecular supplementation. He is the owner and Medical Director of CENTRO MEDICO HILU Medical Centre, with several medical centres in Barcelona, Marbella (Malaga), México and USA. Also, he created Método Híllu® , a method for regenerative stem cells.

Due to his interest in researching and sharing his knowledge on the imperative need of consuming olive oil daily on our diet, he has developed a system to equilibrate fats present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To this end, he achieved a product not only of high quality for daily consume, but healthy and recommended to prevent several illnesses.  Hence, Oli Omega was born with a perfect balance in OMEGA 3, being the oil recommended by health and nutrition experts.